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Vintage Computer Festival Europa
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Several different lectures will cover quite a unique range of topics.

All speeches will be given in German, unless otherwise noted (see FAQ).

Date and time for each speech is shown on the Agenda. The duration is, unless otherwise noted, 35-40 minutes.

Scheduled Speeches:

Please check the German speeches-page.

Nerd Trivia Challenge
As every year the community gathers to find out who's the alpha geek. A quite unique game show.
Language German or English
Presentation Hans Franke

VCFe Excursion

Our new location not only offers great faciliteis, but also a unique chance for a guided tour thru the sacred areas within the Rechnerwürfel - including a personal visit to the SuperMUC (Right now 'only' #44 of the top 500 supercomputers of the world - soon to be way up again when SuperMUC-ng is operational). Beside impressive hardware the tour will also offer some insight about infrastructure and organization needed to manage such a site.

Please note:

  • The maximum number of attendees per tour is 15.
  • A reservation is mandatory.
  • Reservation can be made at the front desk.
  • Admission will be granted in sequence of registration.
  • Reservation can only be done for the actual day (Sat/Sun).
  • The tour will last for about 45 minutes plus some time to walk there.
  • No individual tours. You have to stay all time within the group.
  • No late arival.
  • Please show up early, at least 5 minuts before start time of your assigned tour.
  • No individual arivals are not possible.
Tour Start
1 11 h 00
2 12 h 30
3 14 h 00
4 15 h 30

More Ideas?

  • Another theme you'd like to see covered ?
  • You want to do your own speech ? ?
  • Or you know somebody able to do so ? ? ?

Just send us a notification.

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